21.10.15 (11 of 37) pictures: hilde

HHAAAAH, im super excited about this jacket! Pleather, bomber and adidas…. IM IN LOVE. Huuuuge thank you to Spalt PR for always hooking me up with the flyest stuff! <3 (Sponsored) Its really getting dark early nowadays, I think we shot these pictures around 17:00, and it was a struuuuggle, ha ha. I love fall but fall also means being a blogger is getting more diffucult for a couple of months. Did you guys have a good weekend?

21.10.15 (15 of 37) 21.10.15 (16 of 37) 21.10.15 (6 of 37) 21.10.15 (14 of 37)21.10.15 (2 of 37) 21.10.15 (1 of 37)shoes – NIKE HUARACHES, skirt – H&M, jacket – ADIDAS (sponsored), tshirt – ANINE BING, bag – SAINT LAURENT

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