THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY THAT CAME! Sorry that we couldnt let everyone in at once, it just wasnt room! I know a few of you left while waiting, but I dont know any other way to do it. Maybe next time we’ll have a timelimit, so that once youre in you only have 10 minutes and then we let 10 more in .. I dont know.. We’ll see! We’re planning a new one soon, maybe just in time for summer :-) The kind Caroline made healthy bountys for everyone that we gave out to the ones that were waiting!

IMG_9404-3 IMG_9405-4 IMG_9416-5 IMG_9419-6 IMG_9422-7 IMG_9423-8 IMG_9428-9 IMG_9441-10 IMG_9445-11 IMG_9448-13 IMG_9450-14IMG_9446-12

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