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I was actually trying to snap a photo of my new lashes, but I see now that my precious head piece takes a little bit of the focus away from the lashes.. I always get so many question each time I put it out on instagram, and it’s my dear friend that has designed it! You can find her IG here or email her at Cindyroee@gmail.com if you’re interested in one.

Soooo to the lashes! I got refilled on friday, and it always feels so good starting the weekend with fresh lashes.
I also love that I’ve found a balance with the lashes. I don’t them like being to flashy, and I actually think a lot of girls look kind of ridic with their over the top lashes. I meeeean, it’s for every day, right? I got them done at S&M Nails like always – find their booking info here

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