I’ve had a problem with my brows for as long as I can remember. I haven’t done anything to them either, they just looks this way.. And I’ve always liked a fuller brow. So a while ago I decided to try microblading at S&M, which is my favourite place for my nails and lashes. They started with microblading in november, and I was one of the first to try. The process isn’t very nice, haha, since it is actual blades going in to your skin. It hurts for such a short time so I think anyone can manage, though.

1IMG_0562• • •

Sooo, as you can see in the first picture here I had very little eyebrows before the microblading. When this got popular I HAD TO TRY since my brows have been bothering me my whole life. Brows have so much to say for a face and I’m so glad I did it. My brows needed a lot of microblading so we started small and did 2 rounds, just so we didn’t go too big. We wanted me to get used to the size before I decided to do them bigger. Even though it don’t last forever, it still important to me that get a brow that I can live with.
For most people it lasts any where from 1-3 years. They will fade out naturally over time, so to keep them fresh and dark one should get a touch up once a year.


Here’s what my brows looked like a week after the microblading. The brows always looks kind of too much right after you do them, but this is just for short period of time. When my brows were first peeling off the color was super light and I was kind of freaking out. After a couple of days they started to darken up though and I’ve heard that it is normal that the brows gets darker throughout the course of a few weeks.

A good tip is to make sure your artist draw in the brow first so you can see EXACTLY how they will be shaped before he/she gets started on the permanent part. Solveig did this both times on me, since I know exactly how I wanted my brows. We used a lot of time to make sure the shape was juuuust right. And you have to remember that this is a two part process – your initial appointment + a touch up appointment 4-6 weeks later. Your brows will always fade and heal uneven, and that’s completely normal. That is what the touch up appointment is for! Sooo, to the result. In the pictures below I’m not wearing any makeup on my brows, and I’m so happy with how they turned out ♥

IMG_3156IMG_3168IMG_3160IMG_3132• • •

THANK YOU SO MUCH to S&M for doing my brows! I have never liked my brows, and now I don’t have to do anything with them because they look SO NICE without makeup ♥ If you have any questions, please comment below and I’ll answer as good as I can :)

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