IMG_6007 P I C T U R E S:  H A N N E

We had the pleasure of sunshine and not so cold weather the other week, so I had to bring out the heels and my spring color palette.
I’m hoping that spring comes soon, I’m sick of winter now… I’m def a spring, summer, fall gyal and not a winter gyal. Right now I’m trying to find out where to go on vacay this year. I’m indecisive, because I want to travel everywhere and sort of don’t know where to start. I need to get to Copenhagen asap. Haven’t been there for two years even tho I’m planning to go all the time, haha.

Well, now it’s time to head to work! I’m working 08-16:00 in the department today, then I need a workout! I haven’t worked out since wednesday because of a little treatment I did at Wahwah (which is amazing!) so I can’t wait to get back to it. I have a love/hate relationship with the gym. I need to work out to stay sane, and I love the feeling of a good workout. At the same time I’m a lazy bum … So I like a combo. I work out, then I’m a lazy bum the rest of the evening. And I could never, ever do a diet.. Because if I can’t eat chocolate, then what’s the point? ♥

IMG_6043IMG_6162IMG_6179IMG_6041IMG_6059IMG_6094jacket – H&M, sweater – WEEKDAY, clutch – LOEWE, jeans – REDONE, shoes – ACNE

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