I thought it would be fun to do a little throwback once in a while with my old apparel posts.. These was always my favourite posts to post because I got so much response. Once in a while I really miss what blogging was like before. Now you have to be a different kind of blogger for people to care (and comment!), and fashion don’t get people excited in the same way anymore. Blogging is much more controversial nowadays, and people care more about who’s trashtalking who instead of what people wear. Even though the game has changed, I have to admit that I liked it better before.. I really miss those days! Soooo, even though there is some of the outfits I probably wouldn’t wear again, I think most of them looks quite okey. What do you think?!

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I think that the biggest difference is probably that the pictures is SUCH MUCH BETTER NOW! Haah. I remember being so happy with the light in some of these shots, which is.. not even comparable to my pictures nowadays. So, if you have to pick one.. WHICH ONE DO YOU LIKE THE MOST?

My favourite and also the one I could wear again is nr 1. I also think 3 and 7 is alright. I wore a lot more necklaces back then, and I also have some pieces in my wardrobe that got worn a lot; the Helmut Lang leather pants, my Genetic Denim boyfriend jeans and the bags I rotated was usually my grey Balenciaga City (I have no idea why I bought that dark grey color, which is a depressing color for my wardrobe..) my Proenza Schouler PS11 and my Givenchy Nightingale. The only bag I have left is my Nightingale. The PS11 is too stuctured and big for me and with the Balenciaga the color was just wrong. I still got much love for the “city” model, I just like fun colors a lot more. This was a fun post to write, I love looking back at what I wore yeeeears ago. I’ll probably do a post like this again so I hope you like it

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