I’m going to try to make favourite posts a regular thing again, both apparel and for regular ones like this one, so it’s bout time to see what has been my favourites for august!


These jeans! I have been using them soooo, so much! They’re from Monki, and when I found them online I didn’t think they looked that cool but when I tried them on in the store I fell in love. I have multiple pairs in several colors, haha. You can find them here. (adlink)


August was the month I travelled to Sicily and this picture really shows the mood of the whole trip, so I have to choose this one. It was such a good, relaxing, fun and GOOD vacay! I have to go back very soon. I have a post full of pictures from Sicily planned, so that’ll come up very soon!


I really like this look, and that probably because it’s not something I wear every day. It’s a little bit dressed up, I’m wearing heels and a dress and it’s not a very typical look for me even though I wear the same pieces all the time. I like when I manage to put together looks that are just a liiiiittle bit unexpected, if you know what I mean? ♥


August (and so far september) has really been a bad hair month. I’ve had so few good hair days, and that’s a sign that shit needs to happen. I’m soooo unsure what to do. I really like my hair when it’s all brown but I get so easily bored with it. That’s why I always end up with balayage/ombre instead. A little bit more fun, I guess. What do you guys think?!


I couldn’t travel to Sicily and NOT pick ice cream as my favourite meal, right? The ice cream there is so so so good, and we had quite a lot of it, haha.


I didn’t really buy anything in august, but Hanne bought this coat stand! We have actually been on the look out for one since we don’t really have a place where our guest can put their coats/bags. Our closets in the hallway are so full, so this was very much needed. And it looks kinda nice, huh?


I’m stilllllll obsessing over these sunnies. They’re from Le Specs and can be found here. I try to be more creative when it comes to my sunnies, since I’m always using the same ones.. We’ll see if I click these home or not! ❥


I copped this vintage gold chain from Dior while I was in Copenhagen, and I’ve been wearing it A LOT. Probably even more then I thought I would. It just goes so well with everything in my wardrobe, and it add’s a little extra touch of … extra, haha.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I really, really hope you like these posts, because I really enjoy making them! I always fun to look back at what I’ve worn, ate and enjoyed haha.

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