hooooiiii (28 of 10)pictures: kaja-marie

SOOOOO, IT’S ACTUALLY SO COLD outside that the pictures turn out blurry no matter what I do, ha ha. I still think they work, they’re just not that crystal cleat that I’m used to.. This was obviously also the day for looking down, since I do so in almost every picture, ha ha ha! I want to do two things when I look at these photos: color my hair darker and get a tan.. Im so pale. Jeeeez! Have a good friday ❥

hooooiiii (32 of 10)
hooooiiii (34 of 10)hooooiiii (30 of 10)hooooiiii (35 of 10)hooooiiii (31 of 10)
dress – H&M, jacket – RAVN, bag – PROENZA SCHOULER, boots – ISABEL MARANT, earrings – VINTAGE

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