IMG_6805-1pictures: annabel

AHHHH, feels so good to be back on track with everything, blog wise and work wise. I’ve added a new category: APPAREL 2015. I have one for 2014 and 2013, makes it so much more easier to get a little peak of what I wore 2 years ago :-) I had no clue what to wear yesterday, so I just put on something and ran out the door. Turned out okay, I just really need new jackets, ha ha. I’ve worn my Ravn jacket too much. Why cant I just find one that I like???? Why is it so hard?! Ha ha. Im so picky when it comes to coats… Goal for 2015: buy more jackets. Have you seen any good ones around? Please let me know! :) Ive only found nice ones for spring, and its probably cold here in Norway for at least 4 more months..! The struggle is reaaaaaaaal.


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