HELLO, LOVELIES! I had the best easter so far, ha ha. Had so much fun with Hanne on wednesday and thursday, and then I had a very slow and cozy friday, work on saturday and out to dinner in the evening, and today I slept in and then walked around in the sun for a couple of hours. Tonight I have to work a little bit, but when Im done Im watching movies in bed all night long. Im in such a snuggle in bed mood, so have to obey my body ha ha!

Tought it was about time I showed you some of the news we got at work! So much goodies. My faves are the isabel marant shoes and the carven bag. YUMMEH!

IMG_1907-2 IMG_1913-3 IMG_1914-4 IMG_1916-5 IMG_1926-6 IMG_1950-11 IMG_1969-13 IMG_1980-14 IMG_1991-15 IMG_2002-17 IMG_2025-20 IMG_2056-24 IMG_2068-25 IMG_2076-26 IMG_2078-27

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