IMG_7627-14throwback to NYC in may 2015

OKEY, SOOOO… I’m in the middle of moving my blog to my own domain. I’m not going to be here at UI anymore, which will be good in a lot of ways and of course a little bit sad as well. I like the people, this platform is just not for me. I’m always more happy when I’m at my own domain and can decide everything myself. So, just stopping by to tell you that I won’t blog until my blog is moved so I’ll post a new post when everything is ready. My adress will still be so no changes there. Posting a little throwback apparel post to tan and happy days in Brooklyn last year. Can’t believe this is almost a year ago! And look at how white my Huarache’s was, hahahaha. That’s not how they look now, for sure. Have a good day and weekend, and we’ll talk more as soon as my new blog is up! ❥

IMG_7652-32 IMG_7624-1 IMG_7635-19 IMG_7647-28 IMG_7646-27 IMG_7680-3

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