different silhouettes

IMG_5210-6 pictures: kaja-marie

I’m getting tired of regular silhouettes from time to time, and have to switch it up a bit. I think this oversized look works with sandals, but I also liked it with nikes. I dont always want to wear skinny jeans with an oversized sweater, or baggy pants with a tight top if you know what I mean. I think its important to challenge yourself stylewise and take risks. Not that my outfit was a big deal or anything, but still not something you see me in every day.

IMG_5326-15 IMG_5212-7 IMG_5277-10 IMG_5298-11 IMG_5338-16 IMG_5164-1 (adlinks) sandals – ALEXANDER WANG, bag – BALENCIAGA (get it HERE), Skirt – ZARA, denim shirt – IRO, hat – ACNE (get it HERE), jacket – RAVN (get it HERE)

croco perfection

IMG_5533-3 New in: 3.1 Phillip Lim “ryder” in black croco (bought at Høyer Egertorget)

I have drooled over this bag for months now, and have wanted the “ryder” model for ages. I originally wanted the light blue ones or something colorfull, but when I heard that we were getting black croco I have to force myself to wait. And it was sooo worth it. I mean, you cant go wrong with black croco in most cases, but this is one STUNNING bag.

I had a lovely time with the girls last night, and now Im soon headed out to meet up with Mie and Cathrine for some lunch and a little coffee and tomorrow Im meeting Mira again, like every sunday ♥



IMG_6961.JPG pictures: me

We got a little shoe and jewelry delivery at work today, and I fell totally in love with the leopard sneaker from Isabel Marant. Say hello to “bart”. Now im headed out to dinner with some friends. Pizza and wine is one the menu. Have a lovely friday! ♥


things fall apart, they tend to shatter

IMG_4709-4 pictures: kaja-marie

GOOD MORNING LOVELIES. Im soon headed over to S&M to do my nails! Im always so slow to book new appointments, hah.. This time I will just book a new one right away. I havent been there since before Elounda, so its about freaking time. I really dont know what I want today, but Im thinking maybe burgundy or red… (yes, always back to my red..) Hopefully they have a nice burgundy color so I can at least change it up a bit, ha ha. I will show you the result later!




IMG_4855-18 (adlinks) skirt – HELMUT LANG, sweater – ISABEL MARANT (get it HERE), longsleeve – ALEXANDER WANG, shoes – SUPERGA (get them HERE), bag – BALENCIAGA (get it HERE), jacket – RAVN (get it HERE)


u12 Denne jakken finner dere HER.

Jeg brukte morningen idag på å blant annet oppdatere bloppisen min! Jeg har ikke samvittighet til å ha masse klær liggende som ikke blir brukt, så da er det på tide å selge det videre til noen som kan få mer bruk for plagget/tingen ♥


IMG_6852 pictures from this morning (a little peek on todays apparel as well)

HAPPY THURSDAY! Im starting work at 12:00 today, so I had a effective morning at home with a little bit of work and a lot of coffee. Im spending my day at the office today, so the rest of my day will be great workwise. I love to get shizz done. Im also in the mood for shopping, I just have to decide what I want the most – oh, and if youre in the mood for shopping as well I have just updated my BLOPPIS with some of the things that I dont wear enough! ♥