silk bomber

IMG_7413pictures: hanne

I love this silkbomber! It seriously looks good with everything. I paired it up with some of my favourite pieces on monday, but since I didn’t last all day on the heels I also wore my white Superga´s at the end of the day. I always get questions about how I manage to wear heels all the time, and the fact is that anyone that put on heels before they leave for work probably also carry a pair of flats with them. Sure, some of my heels are 7-8 hours-heels, but most of them aren´t. I always have flat and appropriate shoes at work, just in case. I can’t let the fact that I´m a working gal stop me from wearing all my pretty shoes ♥





IMG_7495(adlinks) skirt – H&M, silk bomber – ISABEL MARANT, tshirt – HELMUT LANG, sandals – ALEXANDER WANG (get them HERE), clutch – GIVENCHY, sunnies – QUAY

For all the sneakers heads

(adlinks) Black Adidas (get them HERE), red and leopard Adidas (get them HERE), black Nike air max thea (get them HERE), pink air max Nike (get them HERE) (or just click the X´es near the shoe you like!)

GOOD MORNING LOVEBUGS. I’m heading downtown for werrk in a bit, just thought I swing by to update you first. How is this thursday treating you so far? Anyways, I’m on a constant hunt for pretty and cool sneakers so I gathered some of my Nelly favourites! Maybe you´ll find a pair you like amongst my four faves ♥ We´ll talk more later!


IMG_7670pictures: me

There were no doubt in my mind that these had to be mine. Im a sneaker-freak and I love Nike especially, so I was sold the second I laid my eyes on this gorgeous pair of rosegold air max. We are getting quite a few awesome Nike´s when my new department opens in august (Høyer Accessories). We´re talking black croco for example. CANT.FREAKING.WAIT.

I’m not starting at work until 11 today, so I “slept in” (that means I woke up at 08.00 instead of 06.00). I have a couple of things I need to get done before work, so I better get started. I think I’m gonna wear my new shoes today, so my look with these cool shoes will be up in a couple of days!





saturdays apparel

IMG_7285pictures: hanne

How do you like my little designchanges so far? I think it looks so good. It was about time to change up things a bit! Im loving it so far. I wore this little emsemble to work on saturday. I think this sweater is going to get worn a lot this summer, hah! So comfy and cool. Have a good tuesday, lovelies!


IMG_7302 2


IMG_7308 2

IMG_7295boots – ZARA, leathershorts – IRO, sweater – ALEXANDER WANG (get it HERE), bag – CELINE, sunnies – HOUSE OF HARLOW

closet confessions


I spent an evening last week cleaning and organizing my closet. I LOOOOOVE to organize my stuff (not all my stuff, only my wardrobe, hah!) and I think it turned out quite nice. I like to change up the colorcombos and shelves ones in a while, just so I get so see everything better and that way its easier to rotate my bags more frequently for example. At the moment I´m very happy with my bagcollection, there´s only one bag that keeps on haunting me. So annoying. I know myself, so it wont go away until I buy it……. Hah, anyway, here´s the pictures. You can also see a little peek into Mortens side in one of the pictures, as you can see all of his trading and stock-books, hah!












IMG_7328pictures: me

Theres no secret that I have three favourites when it comes to jewelery: Anton Heunis, Line & Jo and Maria Black. The other day we got some news from the lovely Line & Jo, so I thought Id show you some pictures :-)
What I love about Line & Jo is that everything looks good together, and youre supposed to wear multiple things at the same time. More is more, you know. Everything looks so chic so just pile it on. The pearlcollection is new for summer, and it looks so good! I def need some in my life.

IMG_7341 IMG_7337 IMG_7339 IMG_7348