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My day didn’t exactly go as planned. After brekkie I got so nauseous I couldn’t even move, and after a couple of horrible hours I have now moved to the couch. I think I’m stuck here for the rest of the day to be honest… Right now I’m a lot better than this morning but I’m still not feeling well and haven’t eaten anything, so I think it’s best to just lay still for a couple of hours.. ♥

my latest apparel




FAVES9 My latest apparel – do you got yourself a favourite?

My most recent apparel! WHICH ONE IS YOUR FAVE? This time I like nr 1 and 11 the most. Jeeez, I fell asleep so early yesterday that I woke up 05:30 today, and couldn’t sleep any longer.. I don’t start work until 11 today, hah! So I have a little extra time on my hands this morning, to say at least. I’ve been to the grocery store to buy breakfast and after I’m finished eating I have to snap some pictures, and I also want to hit up Zara before work. I’ve seen a skirt that looks SO GOOD, so I have to check it out irl. We´ll talk more later, lovebugs

out & about

IMG_8047pictures: me

I took my Manolo´s out for a spin yesterday! I love these shoes with a passion, theyre just so pretty. I´ve spent this morning shooting the last pieces for my bloppis, and now I have uploaded the rest. Take a look HERE. Hopefully everything will find new owners soon ♥


happy saturday

IMG_7759pictures: hanne

HAPPY SATURDAY! I have the day off today, so I started it bright and early (for a saturday that is) and have now cleaned the entire apartment. Im about to head out in sun with Morten. No plans really, just talking a walk around the sunny city. Have a great saturday!







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