happy weekend


Hello and happy weekend! Jeeez, Im not sure when Im supposed to buy christmas gifts, ha ha. The day needs more hours! Luckily I can buy a lot of them at work, and I sort of have a plan.. I think. I really need to book an appointment at my hairdresser but nobody got the time before christmas.. I guess I’ll survive, just kind of hate my color right now. I like the blonde shade to be just a lil bit colder. I also need a haircut real bad. Just wanted to pop by and wish you guys a happy weekend! ♥



IMG_3981-13 pictures: annabel

I have been so back and forth with this jacket. It has been out on my bloppis so many times.. Even though I LOVE it (the colors are so YUMMY) I just dont wear it at all. But it is so pretty!!! So I think it just has to be one of those pieces that just stays in my wardrobe even though I dont get much wear out of it.. Dont you agree?





IMG_3969-11 jacket – ISABEL MARANT, jeans – RAG & BONE, shoes – ALEXANDER WANG, bag – SAINT LAURENT, tshirt and bra – ANINE BING, sunnies – HOUSE OF HARLOW

Just around the corner

IMG_3631.JPG isabel marant ss15

Call me crazy, but with all these SS15 news it feels like spring is just around the corner. (Which feels very nice!) I like winter when its snowing and the sun is up, other than that it find it sort of sad. Im very much a spring and autumn girl.. Which makes me so happy that the SS15 collections are hitting my fave boutique! On thursday we got these pretty pieces amongst a lot of other news. ♥ (Will try my best to snap more pictures of all the news soon, I know a lot of you are requestion it! Just have to find the time :))

sneakers and turtleneck

IMG_0456 pictures: kaja-marie

SHIT, this week is bananas! Ha ha. People are buying christmas presents like crazy, and my department is THE gift department so that means busybusybusy! Which I love, but Im very thankfull that I have sunday off to get ready for the upcomming week ♥ Now: nachochips and SOA!

IMG_0421 IMG_0430
IMG_0501 2 IMG_0475 IMG_0470 IMG_0482 jeans – RAG & BONE, sweater – ISABEL MARANT, sneakers – NIKE, bag – GIVENCHY, belt – ISABEL MARANT

dropp desserten


I år har Redd Barna en julekampanje som setter fokus på hvor lite som skal til for å gi barn skolegang. Kampanjen heter «Dropp desserten!» og budskapet er som følger: Dersom du dropper bare én dessert i løpet av julefeiringen og heller gir pengene til Redd Barna (150,-) så kan 4 barn i Kambodsja få lære å lese. Så enkelt er det. Vi klarer vel alle samen å droppe minst en dessert iløpet av desember for en viktig sak? ♥

Fortsatt er det nesten 60 millioner barn i verden som ikke får gå på skole. Hvis alle barn i verdens mest fattige land lærer seg å lese, vil 170 millioner mennesker løftes ut av fattigdom. Gir du utdanning, gir du håp.

Det skal altså ikke mer til. Jeg har bidratt, klikk her for å bidra du også!