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pointy croco loafers

Desktop29 Get them HERE

GOOD MORNING! Jeeez, what a rainy morning. Hopefully the weather cleares during the day and becomes the perfect shoppingweather instead. Im spending this saturday at work. We just raised the sale to 70%. Its the last sales week next week so now almost everything is 70% off. SO many bargains left! So, to the shoes above; a little budget friendly tip for everyday. These are so chic and SO budget friendly, I still can’t believe they’re only 399,- NOK, hah! I just ordered them for my self, been looking for this style for a while.


obsedia antigona (adlinks) Get the suede Antigona HERE, get the green suede Obsedia HERE

Oh my lordy, when these two popped up at mytheresa I seriously drooled all over my Macbook. I’ve always had a thing for suede, and always had a thing for Givenchy so when you put those two together.. i die. I’m already mourning the “loss” of these two, because most likely they will fall under the category “the ones that got away”. I’m already planning of buying two bags in the next weeks, so can’t really justify two more.

Which bags are on your wish list/buying list this fall? ♥

dreaming away


I’m in love with this collection from Isabel Marant. Luckily we have most of the items at Høyer Eger, but the first chunky knit (the one in beige or olive) havent arrived yet, so im slightly bummed. Looks so perfect indeed. The pants are so cool, a nice slouchyskinny look. Probably looks perfect with the beige knit and the pumps. I would love for all of these items to move in to my wardrobe. A.S.A.P.

theyre making my knees weak

IMG_7890-1 Pumps – ISABEL MARANT (get them at Høyer Eger or HERE)

These gorgeous pumps from Isabel Marant are popping up in my head every five seconds. I need them in my little collection. I already have the white ones from last season, so I know they’re walkable AND pretty. The best combo!



I tried on this skirt when we got it this spring but I just decided to let it go. Yesterday morning I tried on everything I think is pretty and now on sale, just to see if I need to watch over my size and I sort of fell in love with this skirt all over again. So I need your help?! YES OR NO?

The sweater is prefall from IRO and so freakin soft. A must have, indeed.



wang on sale

Tan sandals HERE, black buckle sandals HERE, white strappy sandals HERE, white pointy pumps HERE, black buckle sandals HERE, pink lace up sandals HERE

The sale is on at Shopbop, and im luvin it. I have already ordered one of the pairs above, can you guess which? I love all of these models, and would like all of them to be mine but after Paris I have to slow down my shopping juuust a little, ha ha. Which one is your fave?

Cala & Jade

IMG_2968 pictures: me

HELLO! We just got the cutest, prettiest little bags from norwegian brand Cala & Jade. These are the same model as the ones we`ll get later with kelimprint! The only problem is deciding what color I want the most. I want one with kelimprint as well, but its so hard to choose. I THINK I like the orange one best, but the pink and the black are really pretty too. Which one is your fave?