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IMG_4056-2 pictures: kaja-marie

HAPPY SATURDAY! When I got dressed yesterday I wasn’t in the mood for a very sparkly outfit, so I just took some of my most trusted basics. Leatherpants, a black turtleneck, Nikes and a cool bag. I can’t wait for the next Nike delivery, ha ha. Ive worn Nikes all my life, they have always been a part of my wardrobe and now that we have them in my department.. I Dont know if I´ll be able to not buy them all, ha ha! We are for example getting black croco air max. HELLO, black C.R.O.C.O. Those are musthaves indeed! I hope you’ll have a fantastic saturday ♥







IMG_4112-15 (adlinks) sweater – ISABEL MARANT (get it HERE), leatherpants – HELMUT LANG (get it HERE), shoes – NIKE, bag – BALENCIAGA (get it HERE)


IMG_3991-44 pictures: annabel / kaja

I didnt start until 11:00 today, so spent a few hours in bed just browsing the web, reading blogs and drinking coffee. Most of the time I love to get to work early but I really need those slow mornings once in a while. Feels so good to take things slowly and in my own (very slow) speed even if that means that I have to work late. Good thing I love my job! I ended up taking pictures with two different people yesterday and both turnet out good so thats why the location is different in some of the shots, hah. Have a great friday!








IMG_3982-41 IMG_3711-4 (adlinks) shoes – WHYRED, sunnies – HOUSE OF HARLOW, skirt – ISABEL MARANT ETOILE (get it HERE), bag – GIVENCHY (get it HERE), sweater – ISABEL MARANT (get it HERE), jacket – RAVN, hat – ACNE (get it HERE)

fluffy sweater and a box

IMG_2112-1 pictures: kaja-marie

We took these pictures last week after 12 hours at work, the day before my department opened.. Dont really know what we were thinking, I look SO TIRED ha ha ha! I just love how my Celine Box makes every outfit cool and pretty no matter how boring it looks. Today I have a long day ahead, first up is work from 08-17:00, then some officework from 17-19:00 and then my whole department is headed over to Tom Wood around 19:30 to learn more about the brand and of course droooool over all the pretty accessories and clothes.

Later on today I have a cool competion comming up here on the blog – stay tuned!

IMG_2191-7 IMG_2158-6 IMG_2116-2 sandals – BIRKENSTOCK, pants – H&M, sweater – ISABEL MARANT, bag – CELINE, longsleeve – ALEXANDER WANG, sunnies – HOUSE OF HARLOW

new week

IMG_2720-17 pictures: kaja

Last week just swoooshed away, and we are already mid september. This summer and fall has flown by so quickly which feels actually very nice. The last couple of months is just a blurr, but in a good way. Im very much content in my life now, compared to a couple of months ago. Things are just falling into place and Im feeling really happy about life in general. A nice feeling indeed!





IMG_2809-24 sweater – BLK DNM, cap – STELLA MCCARTNEY, skirt – HELMUT LANG, necklace – ANTON HEUNIS, longsleeve – ALEXANDER WANG, shoes – CELINE, clutch – GIVENCHY


IMG_2693-6 pictures: annabel

Snapped these pictures quick in my lunchbreak on friday. I worn so many painfull shoes the last week, so I had to wear shoes that dont hurt on my poor heels.. So mules and birkenstocks got me through friday hah! I took some pictures of the department on friday as well, so I will put together a post later today. Have a good one ♥





IMG_2704-8 jeans – ANINE BING, mules – NLY, shirt – MALENE BIRGER, faux fur – RAVN, beanie – ACNE, bag – GIVENCHY