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wednesdays apparel

IMG_1169-2-1 pictures: Annabel / kaja-marie

HI LOVELIES. I wore this with sneakers at work, and totally felt like I was channeling Kanye West, ha ha ha! Baggy leather, white sneakers, a waaaay too deep Vneck and a fur, lol. I changed to pumps when we headed to the event at Ingensteds! I havent worn these pants in so long, kind of forgot about them..

IMG_1195-12-4 IMG_1321-48-11 IMG_1357-60-16 IMG_1417-82-19 IMG_1223-23-5 IMG_1242-27-6 IMG_1340-53-13 pants – NELLY, pumps – ISABEL MARANT, tshirt – ANINE BING, fur – RAVN, clutch – GIVENCHY, lace bra – ANINE BING

green pleather

IMG_1108-20 pictures: hanne

Bought these pants the other day, but I didnt have time to try them on the store so tried them on when I got home instead. I didnt like them very much so I planned on returning them but woke up the next day and had (almost) a melt down in my closet, and decided to keep the pants… Ha ha. They look better on then I initially thought, but still not quite sure.





IMG_1165-58 pleatherpants – ZARA, sweater – STELLA MCCARTNEY, bag – GIVENCHY, loafers – MANGO, hat – ACNE, sunnies – HOUSE OF HARLOW

the circus sweater

IMG_0544-30 pictures: kaja-marie

HI SUPAHSTARS! My eyes are still kind of red from the lashes (My eyes always reacts like this, but it goes away after 1-2 days usually) so just prepare for vampire eyes, ha ha. I will try my best to retouch the pictures a bit ♥

I finally bought this sweater after mooonths of cravings! Tried so hard to steer clear of it for so long, since the price tag was kind of ridic, but ended up trying it almost every day to different things and just decided that I can’t live without it. It kinda screams my name, don’t ya think? Hanne just calls it “the circus sweater” ha ha. Its sort of weird, but I like weird.






IMG_0522-20 Sweater – STELLA MCCARTNEY, leatherpants – HELMUT LANG, pumps – ISABEL MARANT, sunnies – HOUSE OF HARLOW, bag – SAINT LAURENT

(almost) errrrthang black

IMG_0786-5 pictures: kaja-marie

NEW SNEAKERS! I bought these all white new balance sneakers the other day, and couldnt wait to wear them so wore them with this all black ensemble yesterday when I stopped by Wah Wah and S&M! I had such a girly day yesterday, first waxing, then a facial and then I got my lashes done. Ha ha! Feels good be all new and frrrrresh! So, whats up with you? Enjoying this tuesday? ♥






IMG_0819-30 Suede pants – MARDOU & DEAN, shoes – NEW BALANCE, knit – ISABEL MARANT, bag – 3.1 PHILLIP LIM, jacket – RAVN

layering jackets

IMG_9606 pictures: annabel

I have so many lightweight jackets that I still want to wear even though the weather is getting colder, so what Ive done a lot lately is layering jackets. Two light ones equals one thick one, right? At least in my head. This Malene Birger jacket is sooo beautiful, and I had to expand its lifetime since its very much a spring/summer jacket.. With my Ravn-fur thrown over it I stayed warm all day!






IMG_9658 Leatherpants – HELMUT LANG, tshirt – ISABEL MARANT, jacket – MALENE BIRGER, fur – RAVN, shoes – MANGO, clutch – GIVENCHY, hat – ACNE

todays apparel

IMG_0039 pictures: kaja-marie

HI LOVELIES! Please remind me to get these jeans in every color – I LOVE THEM. The most comfy jeans ever, and probably the first jeans I have ever felt comfortable in. Theyre a little small in size, I bought 27 (i usually wear 25-26 in for example Rag & Bone) and these fit perfectly. I spent most of this day in a meeting, and now I’m just watching Pretty Little Liars in bed under a warm blanket .. A perfect end to this day. ♥

IMG_0139 IMG_0050 IMG_0062 IMG_0110 IMG_0065 IMG_0108 (adlinks) jeans – ANINE BING, sweater – FWSS, shoes – CELINE, watch – MICHAEL KORS, bag – GIVENCHY, faux fur – ASOS