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layering jackets

IMG_9606 pictures: annabel

I have so many lightweight jackets that I still want to wear even though the weather is getting colder, so what Ive done a lot lately is layering jackets. Two light ones equals one thick one, right? At least in my head. This Malene Birger jacket is sooo beautiful, and I had to expand its lifetime since its very much a spring/summer jacket.. With my Ravn-fur thrown over it I stayed warm all day!






IMG_9658 Leatherpants – HELMUT LANG, tshirt – ISABEL MARANT, jacket – MALENE BIRGER, fur – RAVN, shoes – MANGO, clutch – GIVENCHY, hat – ACNE

todays apparel

IMG_0039 pictures: kaja-marie

HI LOVELIES! Please remind me to get these jeans in every color – I LOVE THEM. The most comfy jeans ever, and probably the first jeans I have ever felt comfortable in. Theyre a little small in size, I bought 27 (i usually wear 25-26 in for example Rag & Bone) and these fit perfectly. I spent most of this day in a meeting, and now I’m just watching Pretty Little Liars in bed under a warm blanket .. A perfect end to this day. ♥

IMG_0139 IMG_0050 IMG_0062 IMG_0110 IMG_0065 IMG_0108 (adlinks) jeans – ANINE BING, sweater – FWSS, shoes – CELINE, watch – MICHAEL KORS, bag – GIVENCHY, faux fur – ASOS


IMG_9026-1 pictures: kaja-marie

I’m working this saturday so just wanted to pop by and say hi and show you what I wore on thursday to Rewardstyle Masterclass. I wanted to ask you a quick question regarding that though! When I do adlinks, what do you prefer? A link on the actual product like I have done in this post, or a “(get it HERE)” like I usually do? I started doing a separate link because I got always got questions like “where is that sweater from” when I already put up a link, so I just felt that it wasnt visible enough. Opinions please? ♥





IMG_9028-2 (adlinks) Skirt – H&M, shoes – ZARA, sweater – ISABEL MARANT, bag – CELINE, watch – MICHAEL KORS


IMG_8942-8 pictures: annabel

Say hello to the worst hairday ever!! LOL. Really should have done something else with my hair that day, ha ha. But didnt have the time in the morning so half bunning seemed like the right decicion. Luckily it looks better in the pictures than it did irl, haaaah! Are you guys ready for friday and le weekend? I sure am! Tonight Im either going to a JCP party or having a slumberparty on my own with the kardashians and popcorn – cant really decide.. Bah! Have a good one ♥

IMG_8909-7 IMG_8884-2 IMG_8902-4 IMG_8881-1 pants – MARDOU & DEAN, sweater – BALENCIAGA, boots – ISABEL MARANT, bag – BALENCIAGA, watch – MICHAEL KORS