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blue and fluffy

IMG_5783-12 pictures: vilde

I opted for fluffy and comfy on saturday. I just got home from this long but delightfull day! I ended it with Mira and our regular agendy. Girltalk and coffee. Hopefully this day will set the standard for the upcomming week because then I have a lovely week ahead!

IMG_5771-9 IMG_5796-14 IMG_5780-11 IMG_5809-2 IMG_5826-4 IMG_5779-10 (adlinks) shoes – CHLOE (get them HERE), leatherpants – HELMUT LANG (get them HERE), sweater – TOPSHOP, bag – 3.1 PHILLIP LIM (get it HERE), sunnies – HOUSE OF HARLOW

different silhouettes

IMG_5210-6 pictures: kaja-marie

I’m getting tired of regular silhouettes from time to time, and have to switch it up a bit. I think this oversized look works with sandals, but I also liked it with nikes. I dont always want to wear skinny jeans with an oversized sweater, or baggy pants with a tight top if you know what I mean. I think its important to challenge yourself stylewise and take risks. Not that my outfit was a big deal or anything, but still not something you see me in every day.

IMG_5326-15 IMG_5212-7 IMG_5277-10 IMG_5298-11 IMG_5338-16 IMG_5164-1 (adlinks) sandals – ALEXANDER WANG, bag – BALENCIAGA (get it HERE), Skirt – ZARA, denim shirt – IRO, hat – ACNE (get it HERE), jacket – RAVN (get it HERE)

things fall apart, they tend to shatter

IMG_4709-4 pictures: kaja-marie

GOOD MORNING LOVELIES. Im soon headed over to S&M to do my nails! Im always so slow to book new appointments, hah.. This time I will just book a new one right away. I havent been there since before Elounda, so its about freaking time. I really dont know what I want today, but Im thinking maybe burgundy or red… (yes, always back to my red..) Hopefully they have a nice burgundy color so I can at least change it up a bit, ha ha. I will show you the result later!




IMG_4855-18 (adlinks) skirt – HELMUT LANG, sweater – ISABEL MARANT (get it HERE), longsleeve – ALEXANDER WANG, shoes – SUPERGA (get them HERE), bag – BALENCIAGA (get it HERE), jacket – RAVN (get it HERE)

soon done

IMG_4477-6 pictures: hanne

You remember that I told you yesterday that I thought I had found the perfect faux fur for winter? Well I didnt. It just looked ridic on me, so I have to return it.. So now Im on the lookout for a jacket again. I guess you just have to put up with me wearing this black little Ravn-fella until I find a new one, hah! Btw, it was SO cold in the morning yesterday but I still have some outfits planned with bare legs and it gets so much warmer in the afternoon so if you see me on the street and think I look crazy: just ignore me, soon done ..

IMG_4513-13 IMG_4535-17 leathershorts – IRO, sweater – BALENCIAGA, jacket – RAVN, boots – ZARA, bag – SAINT LAURENT, sunnies – HOUSE OF HARLOW


IMG_4169-11 pictures: hanne

You can always tell what pieces are my faves, because I cant stop wearing them! This sweater must be on of my best buys ever. Im so in love with the color, and I know I look good in it as well. I wear it all the time, so I guess I need more green knitted sweaters so I can change it up a bit. The same goes for my Ravn-jacket. Its just the perfect fall jacket because its not too warm, and it still looks good with all my summerclothes. Im picking up a little sumtin sumtin at the post office before work, and if its the right size I just scored the perfect faux fur for winter. WIHO!

IMG_4196-14 IMG_4155-7 IMG_4200-15 IMG_4161-10 IMG_4126-1 IMG_4204-16 IMG_4150-6 pants – SHOPBOP, sweater – ISABEL MARANT, jacket – RAVN, hat – ACNE, bag – BALENCIAGA, mules – NELLY