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IMG_9026-1 pictures: kaja-marie

I’m working this saturday so just wanted to pop by and say hi and show you what I wore on thursday to Rewardstyle Masterclass. I wanted to ask you a quick question regarding that though! When I do adlinks, what do you prefer? A link on the actual product like I have done in this post, or a “(get it HERE)” like I usually do? I started doing a separate link because I got always got questions like “where is that sweater from” when I already put up a link, so I just felt that it wasnt visible enough. Opinions please? ♥





IMG_9028-2 (adlinks) Skirt – H&M, shoes – ZARA, sweater – ISABEL MARANT, bag – CELINE, watch – MICHAEL KORS


IMG_8942-8 pictures: annabel

Say hello to the worst hairday ever!! LOL. Really should have done something else with my hair that day, ha ha. But didnt have the time in the morning so half bunning seemed like the right decicion. Luckily it looks better in the pictures than it did irl, haaaah! Are you guys ready for friday and le weekend? I sure am! Tonight Im either going to a JCP party or having a slumberparty on my own with the kardashians and popcorn – cant really decide.. Bah! Have a good one ♥

IMG_8909-7 IMG_8884-2 IMG_8902-4 IMG_8881-1 pants – MARDOU & DEAN, sweater – BALENCIAGA, boots – ISABEL MARANT, bag – BALENCIAGA, watch – MICHAEL KORS

back to black and green..

IMG_8713 pictures: kaja-marie

HELLO! Almost didnt manage to open my eyes when the alarm woke me up this morning, so was waaaaay too tired to even open my Mac, ha ha. Now Im done at work for today, so Im currently at Espresso House and getting some blogwork done and even some buying for SS15. Dont really count as work, cause I love looking at the awesome lookbooks. Later today Im headed to a event with rewardStyle, where I hopefully will learn more about this amazing tool and of course meet some fellow bloggers. Do you have any fun plans this rainy thursday?

IMG_8829 IMG_8789 IMG_8728 IMG_8782 IMG_8811
IMG_8732  skirt – H&M, sweater – ISABEL MARANT, shoes – WHYRED, hat – ACNE, bag – GIVENCHY