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mondays apparel

IMG_9092-6 pictures: annabel

RIGHT NOW im heading to meet up with Hilde before we´re going to an event with MQ and This is PR :) I wore this outfit yesterday, and when I showed up at work Annabel was wearing the exact same pants and sweater, lol. We´re so freakin trendy! Its been a while since I used this bag so had to take it out for some air. I know I’m weird, but I feel seriously bad if I don’t wear my bags enough. Thats why I always sell if I don’t wear them. Cant just sit pretty in my closet when someone else can get more use out of it :-) Way too pretty not to be worn!





IMG_9131-17 pants – MARDOU & DEAN, sweater – ISABEL MARANT, bag – GIVENCHY, jacket – RAVN, tshirt – ANINE BING, shoes – ALEXANDER WANG

(so freakin many) rainy days

IMG_8873-25 pictures: kaja-marie

Hah, I don’t know why we even tried to snap pictures this day. It rained, I looked tired and my outfit was really just thrown together in a hurry. I’m so tired of the rain! Cant it just start snowing already? At least that makes some pretty backdrops from my pictures, ha ha! Everything is better than rain rain rain every day. This long sleeve has been my go to-sweater lately. Been wearing it a lot, so I think that qualifies for another color.. Right? We got it in khaki green as well. Lusting…

Today Im starting my day at Wah Wah Sthanshaugen! Got an appointment at 10:30, then a couple of hours of work and then Im meeting up with Cathrine (one of my best friends). Shes REALLY preggers at the moment, so have to squeese in some quality time before the little one comes. ♥




IMG_8878-26 (adlink) sneakers – NIKE, sweater – ISABEL MARANT, jeans – ANINE BING, jacket – RAVN, bag – PROENZA SCHOULER

all about the turtlenecks

IMG_8206-1 pictures: Hilde

My day didn’t go exactly as planned – had to work a couple of hours on my day off. Thankfully I love my job! It was a busy saturday filled with lots of customers and a little bit a chaos, hah! Now I need some food, earlier I just had to grab a yoghurt and run so I’m crazy hungry! Have a lovely S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. ♥





IMG_8233-6 (adlinks) boyfriendjeans – GENETIC DENIM, shoes – ALEXANDER WANG, turtleneck – FALL WINTER SPRING SUMMER, bag – BALENCIAGA, sunnies – HOUSE OF HARLOW