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IMG_4538.JPG new in: Tom Wood and Isabel Marant

i’ve always had a soft spot for snake rings, and I lost my favourite one a while back.. So then I bought three new ones, hah! The one from Tom Wood has diamonds, and the two from IM are so good for ring sandwiches! I will probably wear these every day, so you’ll see more pictures of them asap!

I just got home from work, and tonight is all about relaxation! Have a good sunday :-)



hello pictures from yesterday

Yesterday I had a little meeting with Michelle, the woman behind jewelry brand The Hatters. I got two pretty gold rings, one with a little L on it, and one with cat ears, hah. Just thought it looked so adorable. I already wear quite a few rings everyday, but there is always room for more ♥ I love rings that are stackable and affordable, and Michelle nailed both. I snapped these pictures just at the sun started to go down yesterday, and the lightning was so pretty!




occasional dream


Maria Black´s newest collection “the occasional dream” is everything I like my everyday jewelry to look like and more. So far I have added two rings and two earcuffs to my collection, and all the eigth rings Im wearing in the pics are MB. Im a jewelry-freak! I counted my everyday rings after I added these two and now Im up to twelve! Ha ha. Once you go Maria Black, you never go back (or without rings.. whatever you wanna call it..)

IMG_5839 IMG_5780 IMG_58571

miss etoile one

IMG_1933 pictures: kaja-marie

Im in a earrings-mood at the moment, and we recently got the etoile collection from the danish brand Line & Jo. Ive been a fan for a long time, and these new items are right up my alley. I couldnt resist buying so this piece got home with me a couple of days ago. Aint it pretty? Im guessing this wont be my last buy from this collection.

IMG_1941 IMG_1960 Line & Jo “Miss Etoile One”


IMG_0190 new in

Ive been looking for some nice display for some of my jewelry for a long time now, And I finally found this shelf a couple of weeks ago. I also have a glass plate on top, so it wont be hidden. So happy with the way it turned out! Looks so pretty, and my lovely pieces deserves to be on display! What do you think? Pretty, or what?

Im about to go out for a little walk in the sun! The weather is sooo nice today, and I cant miss out on the sunshine ♥

luv aj

DSC09826 GOOD MORNING, LOVEBUGS. As delightfull as it is having a couple of days off, it would be even better if I actually got to sleep in. I been up bright and early everyday now because its so freaking light outside and around 08.00 my throat is starting to itch.. But, the sun is shining today and I want to make the most out of this day so I guess its all good! Anyhow, I clicked home this Luv Aj-earring earlier this week, and it arrived on friday. Im totally hooked on earrings at the moment, but I didnt want to pierce my ears more so I was kind of bummed out but when I recived this earring and realized is was in two parts so it needs two holes .. I actually had three holes in my left ear but I havent used earrings there for years so I didnt think it would work. But it did! I mean, I dont think I have used those holes for maybe 5-6-7 years.. Its a miracle, ha ha! Im so happy. Now I can buy all the pretty earrings I´ve been lusting for. Luv Aj has lots of pretty stuff so I may just have to click home more ♥



DSC09234 pictures: me

Jeg har lenge hatt lyst på et lite fat til ringene mine, hvor jeg kan ha de lett tilgjengelig. Jeg bruker de jo hver dag, så det er ikke noe vits å ha de sturet borte somewhere. Jeg har hatt lyst på dette fatet fra Jonathan Adler men vi ble utsolgt på jobb. Ble derfor superhappy når jeg fant det på Shopbop ♥ For øyeblikket er det fyllt med alle mine favoritter fra Maria Black, Bjørg, Line & Jo og Pamela Love.

DSC09244 DSC09247