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dress guide for new years

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I find it SO HARD to find cool dresses. Cute dresses are no problem, but my style aint that cute. I usually like anything I can wear with sneakers and just change into heels at night, ha ha. I’ve looked for the perfect dress for christmas and new years eve for a couple of weeks now, and I have narrowed it down to these six. I either want bombshell or cool like the maxi or the peplum one. I THINK the floral might be too cute for me, but I still like the shape. (Would be perfect in black) Which one are your fave? And which one do you think I should order?

dropp desserten


I år har Redd Barna en julekampanje som setter fokus på hvor lite som skal til for å gi barn skolegang. Kampanjen heter «Dropp desserten!» og budskapet er som følger: Dersom du dropper bare én dessert i løpet av julefeiringen og heller gir pengene til Redd Barna (150,-) så kan 4 barn i Kambodsja få lære å lese. Så enkelt er det. Vi klarer vel alle samen å droppe minst en dessert iløpet av desember for en viktig sak? ♥

Fortsatt er det nesten 60 millioner barn i verden som ikke får gå på skole. Hvis alle barn i verdens mest fattige land lærer seg å lese, vil 170 millioner mennesker løftes ut av fattigdom. Gir du utdanning, gir du håp.

Det skal altså ikke mer til. Jeg har bidratt, klikk her for å bidra du også!

lash game

IMG_3271 New lashes by S&M

Stopped by for a refill last week! Very happy with the result as always. I dont need to wear eyeliner now that I got these gorgeous lashes but I do it sometimes either way. Next time I’ll make sure that my eyeliner is on point, its not that nicely done here, sorry, ha ha!

If you want gorgeous lashes as well pop by S&M in Prinsens gt 22 or call them at 22 42 67 00 to book an appointment ♥



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I promised you a part 2, so here it is! My faves from the SSENSE-sale.


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I always think SSENSE and Matchesfashion has the best sales. So many designer goodies! I searched through ssense the other day, and found so much purdy stuff. The danger in finding sales goodies for you is that it ALWAYS gets expensive for me, ha ha. I always find so much I want/need/must have.

black friday

Nelly has an ongoing black friday-campaign which gives you 20% off the entire site. I picket out some of my faves below (of course jackets and shoes) but you can find the whole selection HERE. The sale ends tomorrow, so I’m planning on some online shopping after I’m done at werrrk today! Use the code “BLACKFRIDAY” to get 20% off your order.

Right now I’m having brekkie and a warm coffee. I’m so freaking cold! Sitting here under a blanket and holding on to my warm cup, just trying to get warm hah! I always get so cold in the mornings during the winter, especially if I have to wash my hair. Cant wait to hit up the hair dryer in a bit, lol. Have a good friday!

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(so freakin many) rainy days

IMG_8873-25 pictures: kaja-marie

Hah, I don’t know why we even tried to snap pictures this day. It rained, I looked tired and my outfit was really just thrown together in a hurry. I’m so tired of the rain! Cant it just start snowing already? At least that makes some pretty backdrops from my pictures, ha ha! Everything is better than rain rain rain every day. This long sleeve has been my go to-sweater lately. Been wearing it a lot, so I think that qualifies for another color.. Right? We got it in khaki green as well. Lusting…

Today Im starting my day at Wah Wah Sthanshaugen! Got an appointment at 10:30, then a couple of hours of work and then Im meeting up with Cathrine (one of my best friends). Shes REALLY preggers at the moment, so have to squeese in some quality time before the little one comes. ♥




IMG_8878-26 (adlink) sneakers – NIKE, sweater – ISABEL MARANT, jeans – ANINE BING, jacket – RAVN, bag – PROENZA SCHOULER