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silk bomber

IMG_7413pictures: hanne

I love this silkbomber! It seriously looks good with everything. I paired it up with some of my favourite pieces on monday, but since I didn’t last all day on the heels I also wore my white Superga´s at the end of the day. I always get questions about how I manage to wear heels all the time, and the fact is that anyone that put on heels before they leave for work probably also carry a pair of flats with them. Sure, some of my heels are 7-8 hours-heels, but most of them aren´t. I always have flat and appropriate shoes at work, just in case. I can’t let the fact that I´m a working gal stop me from wearing all my pretty shoes ♥





IMG_7495(adlinks) skirt – H&M, silk bomber – ISABEL MARANT, tshirt – HELMUT LANG, sandals – ALEXANDER WANG (get them HERE), clutch – GIVENCHY, sunnies – QUAY

For all the sneakers heads

(adlinks) Black Adidas (get them HERE), red and leopard Adidas (get them HERE), black Nike air max thea (get them HERE), pink air max Nike (get them HERE) (or just click the X´es near the shoe you like!)

GOOD MORNING LOVEBUGS. I’m heading downtown for werrk in a bit, just thought I swing by to update you first. How is this thursday treating you so far? Anyways, I’m on a constant hunt for pretty and cool sneakers so I gathered some of my Nelly favourites! Maybe you´ll find a pair you like amongst my four faves ♥ We´ll talk more later!


IMG_7118 pictures: hanne

RISE AND SHINE! AH, this sunday is going to be so relaxing, which is exactly what I need. I slept in, and now I’m going to make a delish brekkie and then I think I’m going out in the sun to get try to get my tan on, hah. That I definitely need!






IMG_7159 top – 3.1 Phillip Lim (get it at HØYER EGER), skirt – OASIS, mules – NELLY (get them HERE), bag – BALENCIAGA (get it HERE)


IMG_7358New in: sunnies from Quay

I clicked home these fun sunnies a while back, and they arrived today. Unfortunately they’re sold out now but thought I would show you anyway. Hanne just left after a cozy girls night with lots of sushi and lots of girltalk. One thing we both have noticed with some of our fave bloggers is that every one of them has sort of becomed minimalistic over time.. I’m not really a minimalist myself and I don’t really find it inspirational at all, and I think I will always find more joy in looking at someone whose style is more is more rather than less is more. Sure, I can appreciate a simple outfit – it just doesn’t give me anything if you know what I mean. I find it kind of sad that everyone that I looked up to in the bloggerbiz now sort of have the same style, instead of sticking to what seems more “them”. Of course people change and often someones style changes over the years, I guess I’m just not finding that much inspiration anywhere nowadays. I don’t really have a styleicon anymore, except from when I look at old MKA or Nicole Richie-pictures which I think I´ll always love. What about you guys? Do you have a styleicon or someone you think dresses really cool?


Simple as that

IMG_5086Simple as that

I wore this before the heat kicked in a couple of days ago. I’m not really a jeans-girl what so ever, but I keep on buying them so I wear them occasionally just to try to make it work.. It really don’t though, I always feel somewhat uncomfortable in jeans. I’m looking for the perfect slouchy-skinny jeans at the moment, preferably ripped at the knees and raw hems at the ankle. Suggestions?

Tonight I have a hot date with my boo before he leaves on vacation, but if this weather continues I think we´ll just hit the park and relax with a little barbeque. I will check back in later today! Have a good day, and enjoy the weekend ♥

IMG_5153 IMG_5201IMG_5102 IMG_5105 College – BLK DMN (get it on sale HERE), boots – ACNE (get them HERE), jeans – ANINE BING (get it HERE), longsleeve – ALEXANDER WANG, bag – CELINE, sunnies – NELLY (get them HERE)