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happy weekend


Hello and happy weekend! Jeeez, Im not sure when Im supposed to buy christmas gifts, ha ha. The day needs more hours! Luckily I can buy a lot of them at work, and I sort of have a plan.. I think. I really need to book an appointment at my hairdresser but nobody got the time before christmas.. I guess I’ll survive, just kind of hate my color right now. I like the blonde shade to be just a lil bit colder. I also need a haircut real bad. Just wanted to pop by and wish you guys a happy weekend! ♥



LAST WEEK I stopped by This is PR to check out Lindex SS15. I found two favourites – a lacy bra (shocker right?) and a long white lightweight jacket. So pretty for spring! I didnt think I had the time to stop by, so I was happy when I managed to sneak in before I headed to a meeting that lasted the rest of the day. We got a yummy brekkie and some coffee, and checked out the news for spring! A sweet start to the day. ♥












lene orvik X bikbok






IMG_6211-1 pictures: me

Didnt take that many pictures, but last friday I attended the launch party for Lene Orviks new collection for Bikbok. I wore a skirt from her collection paired with my fave Anine Bing tshirt and my trusted Acne hat. The collection launches in a few days, both in store and in her new webshop – so stay tuned! ♥

But he got me all up in my zone


GOOD MORNING DOLLS! Are you guys ready for a new week? I am indeed! My breakfast plans just got cancelled but I have more plans and a meeting in Oslo later so I think Im just gonna bring my macbook and hit up a cafe very soon either way. I also have to meet up with someone to shoot todays look! These pictures is from when I just got my lashes done. Im going back in one week to refill :-) They have looked flawless so far! (If you want great lashes as well, stop by S&M at Prinsens gt 22 or call 22 42 67 00) ♥


busy bee

hellooo Early this morning at work

HI LOVELIES. Today is a busy day, and I’m happy that I have a lot to do. After work I’m headed to a preshopping event at Bikbok, and after that Im going to check out Millas Boutique new store at Aker Brygge. I’m blogging from my iPhone right now .. The plan was to snap todays apparel earlier and update you when I had lunch break, but no time for that today so you’ll get todays apparel tomorrow morning instead :-) After tomorrow there will be no more Høyer Trend Shops, as the new Høyer Trend department opens on friday. A whole new floor filled with all my favourites brands. There will only be clothes upstairs, and in about two weeks my new department Høyer Accessories opens. I cant wait for it to open, it will look so cool! The plan is marble walls ala Saint Laurent, and a much more luxurious feel. I will of course show you what it looks like when we open. Im so happy that I get to work with accessories. If I had to choose between clothes and accessories I would ALWAYS choose accessories so I know that this is the right move for me, even though I will miss working with clothes. Luckily its only one floor up! ♥