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closet confessions


I spent an evening last week cleaning and organizing my closet. I LOOOOOVE to organize my stuff (not all my stuff, only my wardrobe, hah!) and I think it turned out quite nice. I like to change up the colorcombos and shelves ones in a while, just so I get so see everything better and that way its easier to rotate my bags more frequently for example. At the moment I´m very happy with my bagcollection, there´s only one bag that keeps on haunting me. So annoying. I know myself, so it wont go away until I buy it……. Hah, anyway, here´s the pictures. You can also see a little peek into Mortens side in one of the pictures, as you can see all of his trading and stock-books, hah!











good morning


FINALLY FRIDAY! Not that I can tell the days apart now that I’m on my little mini vacay. Feels like friday everyday! The sun is shining today, so we are going on a little hiking trip today as well. Yesterday we walked for about two hours and when we got to the top we had a quick bite to eat, and then we snuggled up to each other for almost on hour, just relaxing while letting nature sink in. So beautiful, so quiet and just so good. I think we all need a little mountain air from time to time. Have a great day! I will post this full look in a couple of days ♥



IMG_6262 IMG_6432IMG_6296 IMG_6337 IMG_6344 IMG_6420 pictures: me & morten, edit: me

Im on vacation right now, so Morten and I relocated to his family cabin in Eggedal/Norefjell. The weather has been great so far (a lot colder than Oslo, though). Today we went for a hike in the mountains and later on we had a barbecue dinner. Now netflix is on the menu, and later on we´re considering a little dip in the jacuzzi! ♥


IMG_5664lovely sunday morning

Im going to spend this day relaxing with my boo. Work has been crazy this week, and I reached all my goals and more. We started the sale this week, and got a lot of news as well. The sale is going so well, and Im so happy with the results. (And thank god we´re selling like crazy, because if not, we wouldnt have space for all the news, hah!) I´ve spent so much time at work the last week so havent really spent time with Morten at all, so im so ready for a cozy day with my handsome baby.

my morning

IMG_5086my morning

As I have mentioned before, I LOVE slow mornings. I try to go to sleep before 12.00 every night, so I get at least 6 hours of sleep, and wake up well rested bright and early. Today I walked down to the grocierystore around seven and bought everything I wanted for breakfast. I start at 11.00 today, and after a 11hours long workday yesterday it feels so good just to relax and enjoy a delish brekkie before its time to go to work again. Im so hung up on these crispbread with seasalt and herbs. SO GOOD! Have a lovely day ♥



IMG_4826Moved my office out today

GOOD MORNING, HONEYS. Are you ready for a new week? Right now im at Espresso House St. Hanshaugen! Im headed to wah wah at 11.30 so instad of hanging out at home I brought my computer here. I tend to get so much more done when Im not at home. Probably because I cant watch tv while im working, hah. Now I have some emails to answer, and after my Wah Wah-visit Im meeting up with Hanne. We are planning a little vacation and I cant freaking wait! Shes off to work at 16.00, and then Im meeting Mira for a little hangout. Havent seen my boo in forever. A lot of catching up needs to be done! I´ll check back in later. And, omg, the espresso frapino with chocolate sprinkle is DELISH.