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Feeling a little flintstone-y in my new bikini, which I LOVE. I’ve been updating my summer wardrobe since I’m heading to Greece in a month! I’m feeling a little better today, thank god. I have even eaten a lot (considering the amount I have eaten the other days..). I’m still a little dizzy and feeling a little sleepy but I’m not complaining! ♥

theyre making my knees weak

IMG_7890-1 Pumps – ISABEL MARANT (get them at Høyer Eger or HERE)

These gorgeous pumps from Isabel Marant are popping up in my head every five seconds. I need them in my little collection. I already have the white ones from last season, so I know they’re walkable AND pretty. The best combo!

stiletto pump x 3

(adlinks) just click the shoe you like the most

I havent really done much the last couple of days, so I have spent a lot of time searching through various online stores. I wanted to tip you about this budgetfriendly pump that looks pretty much perfect. I really like the black one and the leopard one!

I finally managed to get to the doctor today, and everything seemed normal so I got some pills that will help my with my nausea. I took one pill right away and managed to eat a little baguette so that REALLY good. I’ve missed food so much, so hopefully this will continue in the right direction ♥


DSC00101-1throwback to last year (sure made me miss my long locks and that tan!)

WIHO, its my birthday today! Would love to just push it forward to next week so that I could wake up and just feel great, instead of my situation now where I’m eating cherrys and watermelon because it’s the only thing that don’t make me nauseous. I’m heading to the doctor today, so hopefully they will figure out whats wrong so I can get back to normal. 4 days without proper food is starting to get to me. I miss food so badly!!! Hopefully I’m feeling better later on and can at least hang out with my man here at home, watch a movie or something. I’m saving the celebration for another day. ♥ And yikes, im turning 27! Feel so freakin old now.. Hah!


copper table

IMG_8288 Find the table HERE

When I placed the order for the Tom Dixon lamp I also bought this at another online store. I have been lusting over a cool table to fill up with whatever suits my mood. Right now it stands pretty in my bedroom filled with some of my fave jewelery, a scented candle and an empty vase that I hope will get some flowers in it by the end of tomorrow (hint: MY BIRTHDAY!)

I’ve had yet another day filled with nausea, and havent been able to eat a lot. I’m eating watermelon and cherries, and that the only things I’m able to keep down it seems. Sucks big time, but I just have to take it day by day I guess..

IMG_8292 IMG_8293

tom dixon




IMG_8264New lamp for our bedroom

I ordered this lamp early this month and finally it’s here. we’re slowly changing out every lamp in our apartment, and now all that’s left is the one in the livingroom. Which is so hard to find, ha ha. I’m not very handy so I’m leaving it up to Morten to get it up. And speaking of Morten, today is his birthday! I love that man so much. Cant wait to celebrate him! ♥ Happy birthday to the best guy I know.