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IMG_6120-69 Yesterday at Hendrix Frogner

GOOD MORNING! I didnt exactly go through major changes yesterday, but I still FEEL a major difference. Im going back in a couple of weeks to add some finishing touches, but Im very happy with the color at the moment. I will show you pictures very soon! Today Im getting a lot done in the office before Im working a couple of hours in the store. I love the days that I can do a little bit of both – I love my department and can spend all the time in the world there, but if I dont get shizz done in the office I feel superstressed. Luckily I can do a lot from home as well! ♥ Did you have a good start to the week?


IMG_5957-2 pictures from yesterday

This is what every morning looks like at my house now – greek yoghurt, granola and honey with a cup of coffee. YUM!

blue and fluffy

IMG_5783-12 pictures: vilde

I opted for fluffy and comfy on saturday. I just got home from this long but delightfull day! I ended it with Mira and our regular agendy. Girltalk and coffee. Hopefully this day will set the standard for the upcomming week because then I have a lovely week ahead!

IMG_5771-9 IMG_5796-14 IMG_5780-11 IMG_5809-2 IMG_5826-4 IMG_5779-10 (adlinks) shoes – CHLOE (get them HERE), leatherpants – HELMUT LANG (get them HERE), sweater – TOPSHOP, bag – 3.1 PHILLIP LIM (get it HERE), sunnies – HOUSE OF HARLOW

puppy love and hair talk

IMG_5938-18 IMG_5838 IMG_5946-20 pictures: mira

I was not kidding when I wrote that every sunday needs a little Mira and some puppy love. We met up again yesterday, and I did not want to let go of this little pooch. He’s so cute! (At least when he’s not biting my sweater, jeans, bag, camera.. ha ha!) Today I have a “busy” day ahead! I say “busy” since its Wah Wah, Hendrix and then S&M. Not exactly a hard day of work. I’m not quite sure what to do with my hair yet, but I have these three pictures saved on my phone and are bringing them with me to show Isabelle.

But then I found this pictures under here online a while back, which I have cropped and edited to get the color I want. A lot more colder than the original picture. I’m not sure if I’m done with my ombre, I just want to perfect the color. I havent really prioritized my hair lately, and it shows.. We´ll see what my hairdresser have to say. I really want to do all brown in the nearest future, I’m just scared I can’t have my blonde ombre back and I always feel so boring with brown hair.. Yaaaawn, now I’m just rambling! I have to get to Wah Wah now, we will talk more later ♥

1378175-10-1410111985656 picture: