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IMG_3565 pictures: me

YESTERDAY I took the Accessories and Trend girls with me to Tom Wood to learn more about the brand, and of course to see what our buyer Annabel has bought for this fall and for SS15 :-) The new clothingline looked flawless and the jewellery is SO GOOD (like always). Marie (in my pictures) and Mona (the founder) has worked together almost all along, and theyre just the nicest, hardworking team ever. Marie greeted us with pizza, beer and wine (and we all ended up drinking Cola after a long day, hah!) and showed us around the showroom. I have loved these rings for so long, and Im proud of the fact that we offer norwegian design this good at my department (and soon the clothes upstairs in the Trend department!)

IMG_3571 IMG_3573 IMG_3604 IMG_3564 IMG_3575 IMG_3613 IMG_3577 IMG_3581 IMG_3588 IMG_3589 IMG_3570 IMG_3597 IMG_3602 IMG_3622 IMG_3603

air force one

IMG_2533-19 pictures: me

Just thought I would show you some better pictures of my newest addition to my sneakercollection. Theyre almost sold out at Høyer Egertorget already, but we still have some sizes left. Right now I’m at work, having a little breather before we’re heading over to Tom Wood. I’m of course bringing my camera along, so I’ll probably have some snaps to show you tomorrow. I’m hearing rumour about pizza and my tummy couldn’t be happier hah! I’m so hungry! Remember to enter the competition below where you can win a Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream ♥



IMG_2996-4 (ad)

GOOD NEWS! I samarbeid med Marc Jacobs får jeg lov til å dele ut en parfyme til en av dere! Jeg har hatt ganske mange av disse opp igjennom årene men jeg kan jo si at dette hittil er min favoritt. Flasken er jo så utrolig fin også, det var ikke akkurat vanskelig å få til fine bilder med denne.

Konkurransen er veldig esypeasy:
1. Legg igjen en kommentar på dette innlegget med navn + epost (viktig med epost, det er slik dere evnt blir kontaktet!)
2. Jeg trekker en vinner i slutten av uken som jeg kontakter via mail.

IMG_3010-6 IMG_2992-2 IMG_3023-8


fluffy sweater and a box

IMG_2112-1 pictures: kaja-marie

We took these pictures last week after 12 hours at work, the day before my department opened.. Dont really know what we were thinking, I look SO TIRED ha ha ha! I just love how my Celine Box makes every outfit cool and pretty no matter how boring it looks. Today I have a long day ahead, first up is work from 08-17:00, then some officework from 17-19:00 and then my whole department is headed over to Tom Wood around 19:30 to learn more about the brand and of course droooool over all the pretty accessories and clothes.

Later on today I have a cool competion comming up here on the blog – stay tuned!

IMG_2191-7 IMG_2158-6 IMG_2116-2 sandals – BIRKENSTOCK, pants – H&M, sweater – ISABEL MARANT, bag – CELINE, longsleeve – ALEXANDER WANG, sunnies – HOUSE OF HARLOW

Where I spent my afternoon


I usually dont manage to stay away from work on my days off and today was no exception, ha ha. I tried on a lot of things that is on my lustlist right now… I think I need them all. I wish a had unlimited cash to spend so I could just buy it all, ha ha. Two of my favourites things are the skirt and the collegesweater above. So easy to wear!


new week

IMG_2720-17 pictures: kaja

Last week just swoooshed away, and we are already mid september. This summer and fall has flown by so quickly which feels actually very nice. The last couple of months is just a blurr, but in a good way. Im very much content in my life now, compared to a couple of months ago. Things are just falling into place and Im feeling really happy about life in general. A nice feeling indeed!





IMG_2809-24 sweater – BLK DNM, cap – STELLA MCCARTNEY, skirt – HELMUT LANG, necklace – ANTON HEUNIS, longsleeve – ALEXANDER WANG, shoes – CELINE, clutch – GIVENCHY