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IMG_1766 pictures: kaja-marie

HELLO LOVELIES. Im now packed and ready to leave! Im spending the night at Hanne´s place since our flight is so early (at 07:00 I think..). I have scheduled some post for tomorrow and the upcomming week since we only have wifi in the lobby. I wanted it to be a relaxed vacation and not be available 24/7 for once. You probably wont notice much, and I will probably post one post a day from Greece in addition to the ones I have scheduled.

IMG_1711 IMG_1732 IMG_1773 IMG_1702 IMG_1790 sweater – ISABEL MARANT, leathershorts – IRO, boots – ISABEL MARANT, bag – GIVENCHY


2 Sweater from Acne (get it HERE)

I LOVELOVELOVE this look, and especially the sweater. It’s from Acne, and ive been eyeing it for a while. It sure looks like the perfect V doesn’t it? I love how its styled on shopbop as well, with the army green leatherpants.

11 pictures from Look de Pernille


IMG_1894 pictures: annabel

I couldn’t help myself, so earlier this week this little cutie became mine. A tiny Givenchy Antigona in patent leather. Looks so good worn crossover with knits and fake furs! Today I have an appointment at S&M booked, then I have to squeeze in a shoot for todays look, and then I’m headed to meet up with my dad and then back home to pack the final things and then I’m off to Hanne´s place for the night. Our flight is SO early! Will probably sleepwalk through the day..

So, what do you think about my new purchase? Pretty, isn’t it?



IMG_1436 pictures: kaja-marie

GOOD MORNING! Or not…. Hah. Seriously felt like the worst thing ever to have to get up at 06. Ha ha. Some mornings Im totally fine, the next I feel soooo miserable. I’m not really a morning person but at the same time I like to get up early and get the day started. Not at 06 if I don’t have to, but you know what I mean right? I would much rather get up and get to work than sleep in and have to stay late to get finished. Right now it feels like someone just hit me in the face, ha ha. I feel so bloated.. Today is my last day at work before vacay so im really not complaining about anything at all though, hah. I’m so READY! I started packing yesterday and now I at least sort of have an idea of what to bring. Right now half my wardrobe is spread out on our livingroom floor. Have to organize it later today! Have a lovely friday, precious readers!





IMG_1375 Sweater – TOPSHOP, shoes – NELLY, turban – ASOS, clutch – 3.1 PHILLIP LIM, skirt – ZARA

croco X embellished

IMG_1566 IMG_1651 pictures: annabel

OH MY LORD, thursday already! I ordered the shoes as you can see above. Not the most comfy shoe, but I think they’ll get better with some wear. (Hopefully, cause I love them!) I started the day bright and early with some office work at Høyer, and soon I’m headed home to do a little blogwork and plan the upcoming weeks. I also have to start planning what to bring for Elounda. Have a lovely thursday!

PS: I have a new buy to show ya!


(adlinks) just click the X´es to get to the product

I did my usual browsing this morning, and stumbled upon this picture on Nelly´s frontpage. I really like the styling, and the faux fur looks so cool! I’m on the hunt for a winter coat, and this one is really budget friendly as well! Whats not to like? ♥

stylemag 2 years

IMG_1263 pictures: hanne

IMG_1225 IMG_1271 IMG_1257 IMG_1228 IMG_1260 Knit – ISABEL MARANT, skirt – OASIS, pumps – MANOLO BLAHNIK, clutch – 3.1 PHILLIP LIM, earrings – VINTAGE

HI LOVELIES! ARRRHG, wordpress didnt let me upload pictures this morning, so that why there is a slight delay in my posts. I just got to my mom’s place, we’re having a small dinner party for my brothers girlfriend tonight so can’t wait for a good home cooked meal and some family time. Just wanted to pop by and say HI, and show you some pictures from monday and stylemags 2 year anniversary.

IMG_1315 IMG_1290 IMG_1300 IMG_1214 IMG_1213 IMG_1322