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to me from me

IMG_5669-5 new in: tiny Ryder from 3.1 Phillip Lim

Bought this little cutie on impuls last week, ha ha. Just didnt want to NOT have it in my collection even though I have a little bag with silver details from saint laurent. The SL is kind of too much sometimes, but this is never too much. And I just kind of wanted to buy myself something pretty, ha ha. Thats allowed right? A little christmas present to me from me.



black & blue

IMG_5009-2 pictures: annabel

GOOD MORNING! New week, and only two days left untill christmas. Im excited! Cant wait to have a couple of days off, to just do nothing at all. Watch SOA (havent watched properly in ages), eat candy, meet up with friends. My friend Christine is finally home from Copenhagen as well, havent seen her since mai! So about freaking time. I had planned to visit her, but then this fall got a little bit more chaotic then I was planning on, ha ha. So I’ll give it another shot in early 2015 ♥

IMG_5046-13 IMG_5010-3 IMG_5011-4 IMG_5035-8 IMG_5042-11 IMG_5045-12 skirt – ZARA, sweater – ISABEL MARANT, bag – CELINE, longsleeve – ISABEL MARANT, shoes – ALEXANDER WANG, earrings – ANTON HEUNIS


IMG_4538.JPG new in: Tom Wood and Isabel Marant

i’ve always had a soft spot for snake rings, and I lost my favourite one a while back.. So then I bought three new ones, hah! The one from Tom Wood has diamonds, and the two from IM are so good for ring sandwiches! I will probably wear these every day, so you’ll see more pictures of them asap!

I just got home from work, and tonight is all about relaxation! Have a good sunday :-)


Esther’s instagram takeover

IMG_4462-1 IMG_4481-4 IMG_4514-7 IMG_5004-1 IMG_4520-8 IMG_4536-11 IMG_4573-13 pictures: me

We are doing instagram takeovers at Høyer Egertorget instagram (which I run) once in a while, and this week it was Esthers turn! Esther is the department manager at the Trend Department (our 3. floor) and also work as a model and plays the violin! I snapped some pictures the other day, and you can check out the result on Høyer Egers instagram account HERE


IMG_4663-1 IMG_4715-4 pictures: kaja-marie

HELLO AND GOOD MORNING! Just wanted to pop by and show you some details from yesterdays apparel – I will post the full look very soon. Today Im planning on buying some christmas gifts at work, and later on my whole Accessories crew (and some of the trend girls) are going out to dinner! It will be very cozy indeed ♥

belt it part two

IMG_4452-19 pictures: annabel

GOOD MORNING! Yuck, I feel like I havent blogged properly in ages. You probably don’t even notice, but I havent had the time to do other blog posts than apparel. Which is cool, since theyre my favourite (and yours too I think) but I like to mix in other posts as well :-) I’ve just been so tied up with work, and probably will be for the next week (Until christmas eve at least, then I have a couple of days off!) I cant wait for the holidays! I have to buy almost all the gifts on sunday, ha ha, but I sort of have a plan so I think it will work out just fine. Im buying most of them at work anyways! In the last week I have probably beltet all of my jackets, so you better get used to this look, ha ha. Have a lovely wednesday, lovelies!








IMG_4391-2 jacket – SURFACE TO AIR, belt – ISABEL MARANT, pants – H&M, shoes – ALEXANDER WANG, bag – BALENCIAGA, sweater – FWSS