the world has lost an icon


Oscar de la Renta






I woke up to the sad news that Oscar De La Renta has passed. He sure was the king of evening wear, and has dressed so many great people through the years.

Oscar was born in 1932 in the Dominican Republic and left the island to study art at the The Academy of San Fernando in Madrid when he was 18. During his time in Spain he landed an apprenticeship with Cristóbal Balenciaga. Oscar de la Renta has since said to André Leon Talley: ‘When Balenciaga came to Madrid, I was terrified. I hardly spoke. I just learned by looking and observing. He was like God to me.’ He has also been a couture assistant for Lanvin, and in 1963 he designes haute-couture gowns for Elizabeth Ardens costum-made clothing line. In 1965 his Oscar de la Renta label was launched.

Oscar-de-la-Renta-19 A 1967 Oscar de la Renta design

Oscar de la Renta is best known for his striking couture-like ready-to-wear red carpet gowns and eveningwear. In the 1960s he told Palm Beach Daily News: ‘I design clothes for women to wear. I am not interested in shock tactics. I just want to make beautiful clothes.’ And that he did. His work was known as inspiring, romantic and timeless.

time to get pampered

DSC07751 DSC06789 DSC06788 Desktop51 DSC06800 Pictures from some of the treatments Ive been to. I actully brought Hanne to a couplestreatment once, since my boyfriend at the time refused for some reason, haah. So lame.

Wah Wah has a amazing ongoing campaign until october 25th called ‘Spa Weeks’ that gives you a 30% discount on all spa treatments! So if youre in the mood to spoil yourself a bit, now is definitely the time to do it. You can see the full list of treatments here and the discount is valid at every Wah Wah around the country. Im so lucky to get to try new things at Wah Wah, and next time I think Im going to try “on the rocks”. It sound divine!


IMG_9470-13 Someone once suggested that I was a coffeejunkiie as well as a fashionjunkiie, ha ha. What can I say..

GOOD MORNING, DOLLS. This weekend flew by so quickly so I cant really say Im ready for a new week.. It sure as hell didnt feel like it when my alarm rang at 06.00, thats for sure… I have a lot to do before we open at 10.00 so had to be here at 07:30 today. I cant start a new week with procrastinating, ha ha. This week is filled with a lot of fun meetings so Im actually very excited! YAY! Now I have to go make another coffee… We will talk more later, lovebugs.