green pleather

IMG_1108-20 pictures: hanne

Bought these pants the other day, but I didnt have time to try them on the store so tried them on when I got home instead. I didnt like them very much so I planned on returning them but woke up the next day and had (almost) a melt down in my closet, and decided to keep the pants… Ha ha. They look better on then I initially thought, but still not quite sure.





IMG_1165-58 pleatherpants – ZARA, sweater – STELLA MCCARTNEY, bag – GIVENCHY, loafers – MANGO, hat – ACNE, sunnies – HOUSE OF HARLOW

cant live without em

IMG_1039-2 picture: me

We finally got the Nike-delivery yesterday! Been waiting for these for 6 months now, so I of course have to have them. Cant live without them, that sorta deal. Been wanting all black air max for a while, and the croco is just a huge ass bonus!

PS: if you want them, hurry hurry! I think we sold almost half the stock yesterday! Theyre going fast! Call my department, 22 70 88 26, if you have any questions! ♥

the circus sweater

IMG_0544-30 pictures: kaja-marie

HI SUPAHSTARS! I’m at a the Makeup Revolution-event right now and I am currently getting my makeup done. We are snapping pics of the whole shebang so get prepared for a makeup post tomorrow. My eyes are still kind of red from the lashes (My eyes always reacts like this, but it goes away after 1-2 days usually) so just prepare for vampire eyes, ha ha. I will try my best to retouch the pictures a bit ♥

I finally bought this sweater after mooonths of cravings! Tried so hard to steer clear of it for so long, since the price tag was kind of ridic, but ended up trying it almost every day to different things and just decided that I can’t live without it. It kinda screams my name, don’t ya think? Hanne just calls it “the circus sweater” ha ha. Its sort of weird, but I like weird.






IMG_0522-20 Sweater – STELLA MCCARTNEY, leatherpants – HELMUT LANG, pumps – ISABEL MARANT, sunnies – HOUSE OF HARLOW, bag – SAINT LAURENT



GOOD MORNING TO YA! I sort of have this day off, but we are redecorating my department today so have to get there bright and early, and then I have an event at 14:00. This post is being written while Im half a sleep, hah. Im so tired today, its a joke really. Did NOT woke up like how I look in the pictures, thats for sure. Looked more like a vampire-zombie. Nice combo, huh? Just wanted to say hello and wish you a good day really, so ill stop myself here ♥ Got to find something to weeeeear! My battle every morning, ha ha! We will talk more later, lovebugs!


(almost) errrrthang black

IMG_0786-5 pictures: kaja-marie

NEW SNEAKERS! I bought these all white new balance sneakers the other day, and couldnt wait to wear them so wore them with this all black ensemble yesterday when I stopped by Wah Wah and S&M! I had such a girly day yesterday, first waxing, then a facial and then I got my lashes done. Ha ha! Feels good be all new and frrrrresh! So, whats up with you? Enjoying this tuesday? ♥






IMG_0819-30 Suede pants – MARDOU & DEAN, shoes – NEW BALANCE, knit – ISABEL MARANT, bag – 3.1 PHILLIP LIM, jacket – RAVN

new lashes by S&M

IMG_0962-1 New lashes by S&M

GOOD MORNING LOVEBUGS! I have 5 minutes to finish this post before Im starting this day off with a meeting, hah! I stopped by S&M to do my lashes yesterday! I always become red and a little bit itchy the day after, so made sure to snap some pictures yesterday. It goes away after a day or two, thank god. Then I can go back to enjoy my pretty new lashes! Its been over 6 months since my last lash appointment so it was about freakin time. Solveig at S&M put on a full set, which took about 1,5 hour. Im going back in three weeks to refill. I have a tendency to sleep kind of smoshed into my pillow, so I always loose more lashes on the side I sleep on, hah.

Call 22 42 67 00 or stop by Prinsens Gt 22 to book an appointment! ♥

IMG_0973-40 IMG_0977-43

half moon-ing it

IMG_9655.JPG pictures from yesterday

I visited S&M last friday to fix my nails! Needed something a little bit more neutral, but still not boring so half moon with black and nude seemed perfect. I love the result! :-) I already miss the red, ha ha, but a girls gotta mix it up a bit! If you want pretty nails, visit S&M at Prinsens gt 22 or call 22 42 67 00 ♥