I wasn’t in the mood for color the other day, but I actually don’t own a black bag and very few black shoes so I can rarely go for a all black look. I liked the little color pops tho. All black always works, but I think it’s more fun with a colorful bag and shoes. I really love my Gucci, such a good buy! It works with much more than I thought, and the color is so nice ❥

sweater – WEEKDAY, skirt – OASIS, shoes – ZARA, bag – GUCCI, necklace – VINTAGE DIOR


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Sooo, we arrived in Sicily very late on tuesday night so we basically just went to bed. Yesterday we headed to the beach then went to Cefalu to check out the city, and we of course had pizza for lunch and dinner… Haha. I just love pizza. A lot.

I got a little sunburned yesterday, I’m not really sure how considering the amount of sun protection I had on, but still did so it makes dressing a little hard since I burned my face, chest and arms…. Haha. Typical me. Hopefully I’ll be back to normal tomorrow! Do you have any Sicily tips? Bring em on!


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I got the best birthday present ever from Hanne! I can’t believe it actually. I’ve wanted this bag for over a year, but just haven’t prioritized it. I haven’t been able to forget it tho, so I’ve checked eBay almost every day to see if it’s still there. The fact that Hanne got me this bag is insane. IT’S SO PRETTY!!!! I love the color, the leather, the size, the fact that it is vintage Celine. Too good. I think this one is gonna stay in my closet forever. Such a treasure


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I’m currently on my way to Italy! I’m SO EXCITED!!! I been craving a beach vacay for quite some time now so I’m really, really excited. I just need to chill, eat good food and get a pretty tan. That’s all I want, haha! I don’t actually know if there is good wifi there or not, so I’ve planned a couple of post for the upcoming week just in case. I’ll of course show you pictures as soon as I’m home if the wifi sucks. And I’ll update instagram (@fashionjunkiiecom) and livestories no matter what! :) We didn’t really know where to go, so it’s totally random that we chose Italy. Next year I’ll plan my vacay’s a little bit earlier, haha.



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I’m not really a jeans and tshirt gyal, mostly because I think I look VERY BORING but also because I think I look short and stumpy, haha. I don’t know what it is, I just don’t feel good in jeans and I never have. I do think I managed to not make it boring tho, the handbag, shoes and accessories makes up for it

jeans – GINA TRICOT, t-shirt – WEEKDAY, clutch – VINTAGE CELINE, shoes – GANNI, sunnies – LE SPECS

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I’ve been bad at favourite posts lately, so it’s bout time to see what has been my favourites for july!


This bag! ♥ I’ve been craving this bag for so long, and I NEVER NEVER NEVER thought that Hanne would be crazy enough to click it home….. She’s crazy!!!! I love it so much. The color, the leather, the fact that it is vintage Celine.


It was my birthday while I was in Copenhagen, so because of that I of course have to chose this picture as my favourite. I spent the morning in bed eating chocolate crossaints from the local bakery with my bff. A perfect spent birthday!


This is a favourite just because of the pretty location! I’m in love with the streets of Copenhagen! A lot of favourites this time has to do with this pretty city, so I guess I just have to go back very, very soon. I’ve also worn these jeans SO much, and much more than I’d ever thought I would. I have to buy them in more colors!


I finally got to do my hair! My color is so annoying, I just want it to stay a pretty cool shade of blonde, haha. I think I need to book another appointment asap! And buy some more cooling shampoo. Which one is your favourite here?


One of my fave meals was this delicious plate in cph. We were actually going to this place to taste their well known pizza, but we got there to early so they only had the lunch meny. The lunch plate was veeeeery good tho, and just what we needed after the flight and everything.


Well I couldn’t not pick this one, could I? I didn’t think about this bag for long at all, which is very unlike me. Usually I see a nice dag, drooooool over it for months and then finally give in after a while. This one I saw in a picture, and decided right away that I needed it in my life. I gave it to my self for my 30th birthday which was in july. I just love the color so much!


I’m obsessing over these sunnies. They’re from Le Specs and can be found here. I love the red ones, but I want the black ones as well.. I’ve updated my sunglass wardrobe this summer for sure. I bought a pair in cph that I have to show you, which are really cool. We’ll see if I click these home or not.. ❥


I have to choose my little collection of earrings that I normally use when I’m not wearing big ones. I feel very naked when I’m not wearing anything, so I always have to have something. These are all from Høyer, mainly Maria Black and Maanesten.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I really, really hope you like these posts, because I really enjoy making them! I always fun to look back at what I’ve worn, ate and enjoyed haha.


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