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HELLO AND GOOD MORNING! Just wanted to pop by and show you some details from yesterdays apparel – I will post the full look very soon. Today Im planning on buying some christmas gifts at work, and later on my whole Accessories crew (and some of the trend girls) are going out to dinner! It will be very cozy indeed ♥

belt it part two

IMG_4452-19 pictures: annabel

GOOD MORNING! Yuck, I feel like I havent blogged properly in ages. You probably don’t even notice, but I havent had the time to do other blog posts than apparel. Which is cool, since theyre my favourite (and yours too I think) but I like to mix in other posts as well :-) I’ve just been so tied up with work, and probably will be for the next week (Until christmas eve at least, then I have a couple of days off!) I cant wait for the holidays! I have to buy almost all the gifts on sunday, ha ha, but I sort of have a plan so I think it will work out just fine. Im buying most of them at work anyways! In the last week I have probably beltet all of my jackets, so you better get used to this look, ha ha. Have a lovely wednesday, lovelies!








IMG_4391-2 jacket – SURFACE TO AIR, belt – ISABEL MARANT, pants – H&M, shoes – ALEXANDER WANG, bag – BALENCIAGA, sweater – FWSS

dress guide for new years

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I find it SO HARD to find cool dresses. Cute dresses are no problem, but my style aint that cute. I usually like anything I can wear with sneakers and just change into heels at night, ha ha. I’ve looked for the perfect dress for christmas and new years eve for a couple of weeks now, and I have narrowed it down to these six. I either want bombshell or cool like the maxi or the peplum one. I THINK the floral might be too cute for me, but I still like the shape. (Would be perfect in black) Which one are your fave? And which one do you think I should order?

couple of hours at le “office”

IMG_4379-7 pictures from this morning

GOOD MORNING! Im enjoying some officetime at our bar area at work. I dont have much time for emails and my other tasks the upcomming weeks. Its busybusybusy, just the way I like it and to get everything done I usually bring my mac and spend a couple of hours working before the store opens. Have any of you visited our cool bar yet? You can sit down with a glass of wine or just enjoy a warm and cozy tea. Worth checking out! ♥



happy weekend


Hello and happy weekend! Jeeez, Im not sure when Im supposed to buy christmas gifts, ha ha. The day needs more hours! Luckily I can buy a lot of them at work, and I sort of have a plan.. I think. I really need to book an appointment at my hairdresser but nobody got the time before christmas.. I guess I’ll survive, just kind of hate my color right now. I like the blonde shade to be just a lil bit colder. I also need a haircut real bad. Just wanted to pop by and wish you guys a happy weekend! ♥